Chairman Endources Ed Gillespie

The Suffolk Republican Party conducted their Mass Meeting on March 20, 2014.  Stephen Trent, Thomas Turner, Jeremy Utt and Hope Styron were elected.  Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary respectively.  We also certified 13 Delegates to attend the State Convention in Roanoke which takes place on June 7, 2014 to elect the Republican Nominee for the United States Senate.

With the state of Obama Care and the fiasco it has turned into we have an excellent chance in defeating Mark Warner if we have the right candidate.  Therefore, I want to encourage you as a Delegate to vote for Ed Gillespie to be our nominee.

Gillespie was a long time top aide to the former House Majority Leader Dick Armey.  He was a principal drafter of Contract with America, the 1994 campaign platform on which Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives after 40 years of Democrat control. 

He has served as National Chairman of Republican National Committee and Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. Ed Gillespie understands the damage that the $17 trillion debt is and Obama Care is doing to our country’s economy.  Please keep in mind Mark Warner is a huge proponent of Obama Care not only voting for it, he encouraged other freshmen Senators to vote for it.  Despite Warner promised to be fiscally responsible, he has voted for nearly $1 trillion in new taxes and $7 trillion in new debt.  Mark Warner also voted against a balanced budget amendment on the Senate floor.  Ed Gillespie will not only vote for a balanced budget amendment he will introduce one. 

As Virginians we desperately need to elect Ed Gillespie to the United State Senate and Reelect Randy Forbes to the United States Congress.


Stephen G. Trent

Chairman, Suffolk Republican Party

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